Logistics services

Do you want to optimize your logistics and simultaneously concentrate on your core competency? Our interest extends beyond the simple transport of products. Instead, we focus also on the development of new logisitic concepts, which help our customers. We can realise selected logistical value-added services and complete outsourcing projects or on-site logistics for you.


Do you have limited storage for your products? Our large fleet of silo semitrailers can be used in a flexible way, we can offer our customers temporary storage and pre-loading concepts.

Logistics outsourcing

RL-TRANS is a full logistics service provider, we can offer a greater scope and more complex logistical solutions for customers seeking greater integration and higher degrees of process conformance.

Wash & service

We offer exterior cleaning, inside cleaning of tank vehicles and service of trucks at our facilities. For more information: www.xl-qlean.fi

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