Gas logistics

RL-TRANS is a leading gas logistics service provider in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. Our top priority for our gas logistics operations is safety. Our experience, built up over a decade with cryogenic, liquified under pressure or compressed and pressurised gases is an essential requirement.

Your benefits:
- Safety at the highest level
- Dedicated logistics, dedicated equipment & dedicated personnel
- Minimisation of risks and costs
- Outsourcing concepts

Gas transports

RL-TRANS is a first-class gas logistics provider. RL-TRANS operates gas logistics within Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We handle all types of different liquid gases with dedicated equipment. Our gas drivers are specifically trained for safe transport operations. These transport operations involves distribution to multiple sites as well as full load deliveries.

The combination of experienced and competent people, modern and technically advanced vehicles and tanks ensures that our clients needs are met with innovative solutions in a safe way.

Gas fleet

Our fleet consists of dedicated equipment for different types of gases and countries.

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