Dry Bulk logistics

Individualised logistics, Europe-wide transports

RL - TRANS is one of the largest companies in Scandinavia specialized in dry bulk logistics. We perform high-quality bulk transports Europe-wide and handle petrochemical products, food-grade products, minerals and chemical products. Every year we handle over 700.000 tonnes of different granules and powders.

In bulk logistics cleanliness is the most important detail in the logistical chain. With our extensive know-how, your products are safe in our tanks.

Logistics Finland

For the domestic market in Finland we have a wide range of equipment for different logistical solutions. Our vehicles load up to 44 tonnes with volumes ranging from 58-78 m3.

Logistics Scandinavia

For transports between Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark we operate with equipment tailored to each region. Our trucks are equipped to deal with harsh weather conditions to ensure a safe reach of destination for your products.

Logistics Europe

Fast and efficient transports to and from Continental Europe? With RL-TRANS as your partner, your shipments reach their destinations anywhere in Europe punctually and safely.

Food logistics

With our food silo semitrailers we offer transport of foodstuffs and associated fabricated products throughout Europe. Our modern bulk food vehicles meet all aspects of the stringent European regulations for foodstuff hygiene.


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